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Most redesigned ads get a 300-400% increase in calls in the first 6 months.

Make sure your ad is the one that gets the readers attention...
and business.

“It’s like buying first place!”
— Victor deManne

At StandOut Design
we work side by side
with CMR’s and ad agencies
to deliver top quality results.

StandOut’s 25 years of yellow page design experience
enables the ad agencies and CMR clients we serve to turn around and deliver better-performing ads to their corporate clients. Ads that raise those companies’ profiles, notoriety, and performance in the marketplace to new levels. The better the ad you deliver, and the better it performs, the more likely your client is to increase, as opposed to decrease, their orders and ad expenditures.

When a redesigned ad strikes gold for one of your clients, you won’t have to twist their arms to get them to go wider, and more expensive with your next campaign. You’ve shown them that their advertising dollars, entrusted to you, can pay off and perform. Big time.


The client of a CMR we’d been working with wanted to drop his yellow page ads completely. He said he wasn’t getting enough for his money. We called him as a favor to the CMR, to try and figure out what he was looking for, and hoping to project. After some discussion, we came up with a new design and look that was “so stunning” according to the owner of the company, he not only didn't “eighty-six” his entire presence in the yellow pages, within 2 years he’d increased his display–ad presence from 43 to over 200 books!

Hey–you’ve got enough to do–positioning your clients for success, and getting them the best possible rates. Why not let StandOut Design make you look good, when it comes to delivering the kind of ad they’ll thank you for… and want you to place for them in book after book after book?

We can design a better performing ad than you could have ever possibly imagined!