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Most redesigned ads get a 300-400% increase in calls in the first 6 months.

Make sure your ad is the one that gets the readers attention...
and business.

“It’s like buying first place!”
— Victor deManne

Yellow Page Ad Design
A Better Looking Ad = More Eyeballs, More Phone Calls and More Sales. Class Dismissed.
Yellow Page Ad Design - You tell us.
Original Yellow Page Design
New Yellow Page Design
Now that's what I call a good looking Yellow Page Ad
We've tested our Yellow Page Designs

One of the things Standout Design did in those 23-plus years of writing and designing ads in the real world, in addition to honing their craft, was to conduct a (still-ongoing, by the way) study of thousands of customers and “people on the street” to ascertain exactly why they turn to the “Plumbing”, “Contractors” or any other section of the phone book. How they decide who to call. What attracts, and stops them, and gets them to read on.

Based upon those studies, and confirmed by years of experience, Standout Design distilled a mountain of whimsy down into a handful of rather simple, Yellow Pages - Phone Book Adhard-and-fast rules and parameters for what works (and doesn't work) in Yellow Page advertising… And while we're not at liberty to disclose exactly what those confidence-inspiring and attention-getting rules are, the proof is in the pudding.

In a field of drab, 2-Dimensional ads, as far as the eye can see, Standout sculpts you into a 3-Dimensional ad which rises right up off of the page. The customer is drawn to you, pausing now to look… allowing you to trumpet your virtues, your wares, your expertise.